[slide-left]Research has shown that self-confidence
is the #1 most important characteristic
that determines your happiness,
health and income.[/slide-left]


[slide-left]About The Book:[/slide-left]


Self-confident individuals have high levels of charisma and are more appealing and attractive personally and professionally as they are more confident in themselves. These individuals continue to accomplish great levels of success in their lives and appear to be unstoppable. YOU can become unstoppable as well. When you develop total, unshakeable self-confidence!


[slide-left]In this life and career transforming book you will learn how to:[/slide-left]

  • Build unshakeable confidence and dramatically improve your creative expression

  • Banish excessive self-criticism and other self-defeating behaviors

  • Transform your thinking and develop a “can-do” attitude with a new, empowering winning belief system

  • Destroy addictions to jealousy, envy and other self-defeating comparisons with others, and develop your own winning, creative, competitive advantage

  • Free yourself from the perfectionism trap and focus on continuous growth and development

  • Say goodbye to the bondage of fear, doubt, self-sabotage, and other negative, disempowering habit patterns

  • Silence the voice that “enslaves” you to other people’s opinion of you

  • Eliminate procrastination and embrace the power of NOW through action orientation

  • Set goals and attain them faster!

  • Regain control of your life and experience daily, a true sense of freedom and empowerment



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